Log in after timing out

To help your server run efficiently, GroupWise* WebAccess times out after a period of time specified by your system administrator after the last read call. A read call includes actions like opening an item or sending an item. If you leave WebAccess alone for the specified period of time or perform untrackable actions like scrolling through items in the Item List, composing a message without sending it, or reading Help for the specified amount of time, WebAccess logs you out. If WebAccess gives you the message “Please log in again” and returns you to the login screen, you have been logged out. Getting back into WebAccess is as easy as logging in again. To log in after timing out,

  1. Type your user ID.

  2. Type your GroupWise password.

  3. Click Login.

* Novell trademark. ** Third-party trademark. For more information, see