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Recent generations have overlooked the importance of savings — both short and long term.  Often just trying to decide what is the best savings plan or option for you can be difficult since you may not be in the same stage of life or financial situation as the next person.  This is where the Financial Literacy and Education Commission comes in.

The Commission is set up through the federal government with a mission to educate all Americans on the basics of finances.  They pull together the resources of over 20 federal agencies into one location On their website, This website takes all of this information and organizes it for you based on what stage of life you are in, who you are (a parent, a caregiver, a teacher, a military veteran, etc.) and the tools you need to succeed in managing your finances.

The website not only addresses the basics of savings, but also developing a spending plan for your family, insurance options and retirement planning/investments.  Each of these components come together under the larger umbrella of "savings."  It's important to have each comfortably in place to protect you and your family against the financial pitfalls of unemployment, unexpected death or not being fully ready to leave the workforce.

The website is not only for adults, but for children and young adults as well.  There are tips for teaching your children the value of saving, as well as worksheets for you to complete with them helping them to develop their own spending plans.

The website provides links to the US Department of the Treasury which is full of fun games and activities teaching children about treasury deposits and savings bonds.

For teenagers and college bound young adults, there is important information on building good credit for the future with saving playing  large role in this process.

Understanding the importance of saving and your financial outlook is an important step no matter what your age.  From birth to retirement, there is a plan for you.  If you are interested in learning more about saving or financial planning, please visit your local branch to get started!

*Disclaimer: No website can take the place of a one on one discussion with a financial consultant.  First South Bank does not recommend using the links above as a substitute for a financial discussion regarding your personal financial situation.