Community Involvement

At First South Bank, one of the values that we hold to tightly is that of serving our communities. We’re the product of our communities, and we strive to reinvest money, effort and time into the communities we serve.

Ways We Give

We define giving in many ways at First South. We believe that it isn’t enough to just invest dollars into our communities, it’s also important to invest heart. As an organization, we share a desire for developing healthy and vibrant communities by supporting those who share that vision.

  • Sponsorships

    A sponsorship from First South Bank includes monetary support for a community event, activity or program. Because we believe so strongly in tying ourselves to our communities, those events which engage and serve the overall interest of the community are more likely to garner our support.

  • Charitable Donations

    While First South comes in contact with many well-deserving organizations, we have made a commitment to focus our donations to those charities which align with the initiatives we have set out as key to seeing that our communities thrive.

  • Volunteers

    A benefit of being employed by First South Bank is the opportunity to serve in the community. We found that many employees wanted to serve, but often couldn’t volunteer due to their schedules. Our President Bruce Elder felt so strongly in our employees having an opportunity to give back to their communities, that he has awarded each employee with paid hours of service in their communities.

    First South allows its teammates to choose the organizations which they are passionate about to provide their volunteer services. The capacities in which we serve run the gamut from organizing blood drives, volunteering in local schools, participating in local events, delivering for Meals on Wheels, proctoring for tests, serving with the Red Cross, and many, many more.

    You can learn more about the many ways we serve by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines

First South Bank is likely to provide support to initiatives in these areas:

  • Education

  • Positive youth development

  • Community and local business development and support

  • Wellness

First South Bank is unlikely to provide financial support to/for:

  • Government or political organizations or campaigns

  • Religious activities

  • Trips, tours or traveling sports teams/individuals

  • The same organization more than one time per year


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