Leasing: A Capital Opportunity

Many area businesses acquire equipment through the services of First South Leasing. In fact, nationwide, 80% of all businesses lease equipment. That’s because savvy business managers realize that the value of equipment is obtained from its use rather than its ownership. Using capital to assure adequate inventory, business expansion, personnel, etc., often proves to be more profitable than tying that capital up in equipment. LEASING,  rather than buying, has some real ADVANTAGES:

  • Leasing frees working capital for other uses.
  • Leasing offers fixed payments, while bank loans may be tied to a fluctuating interest rate.
  • 100% of the equipment cost is leased, including related installation and delivery charges, while bank loans typically finance 75% – 80% of equipment costs.

  • Properly structured lease payments are 100% tax deductible as a business expense, as opposed to rigid depreciation schedules for purchased equipment.

  • Leasing provides a hedge against inflation. By paying off a lease with tomorrow’s dollars, businesses can replace leased equipment before obsolescence reduces efficiency and profits.

  • Leasing leaves bank credit lines open for other uses.
  • Leasing generally has a lower after-tax cost than purchasing.
  • Leasing may be available when other sources of credit are closed or too expensive.

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