Check Recovery

Save money and time collecting funds from dishonored checks with our convenient and efficient check recovery service, provided by our partner Checkmarc®.

How Does Checkmarc Work?

Checkmarc® electronically processes and attempts to recover all dishonored items.  Recovered funds are submitted via direct deposit through the ACH network into your business checking account. 

Want to sign up? Reach out to your local branch to get enrolled.

Benefits to your Business

  • Receive 100% of the face value of the bad checks/ACH transactions electronically recovered by Checkmarc®
  • Avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing customer service problems
  • Bad check writers are listed on the largest national negative database until funds are recovered
  • Access to the Checkmarc® secure website allowing viewing of the dishonored items in your account
  • Receive notification and recovery reports
  • Checkmarc® is a free service
Traditional Recovery

If electronic recovery isn't successful, Checkmarc® then transfers the case to their traditional recovery service where every legal means available to collect your money is utilized.  Checkmarc® remains mindful of your customer relationships and works in ways that don't offend or alienate your customers.

To learn more about Check Recovery, speak to a banker at your local branch.
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