eBusiness Manager

Our banking package includes solutions to help you manage your money by logging into the bank’s website and enabling the options that fit your needs.

The bank products included in the eBusiness Manager package are:

ACH Payment Origination and Collections

ACH functions help your business reduce accounts payable paperwork and administrative overtime. Set up ACH payments to vendors, make tax payments, and administer employee direct deposit.  You can also collect your funds by establishing ACH collections, which means prompt payment of invoices, fewer bounced checks, and less time preparing deposits.

Discounted Wires Transfer Solutions

Initiate wires right from your computer and allow users to have access with multiple layers of permissions and approval capability.

Account Reconciliation With Positive Pay

Account Reconciliation with Positive Pay enables us to match each check and ACH presented to your account with your check records to keep unauthorized items from clearing your account. We alert you to any unauthorized transactions and only pay what you request. This service allows you quick, accurate account reconciliation, control over unauthorized transactions, and quick transaction research with detailed reporting and check imagery. We offer a discount for using this service because protecting and managing your funds is a top priority of ours.

Payroll Solutions

Don’t let processing employee payroll keep you up at night. We offer several convenient options to process your employee payroll. Pay your employees by direct deposit with a customizable template that can be saved or edited.


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