Merchant Services

Today's world is heavily reliant on electronic and digital conveniences.  That's why merchant processing services are a vital product for your business.  With more payment options than ever to consider, our team has the expertise to provide you with the best and latest solutions to fit your specific needs as they relate to payment processing.  We will help you accept payments the way you want with ease and peace of mind.   There’s nothing small about the challenges of running a business.  That’s why we’re always working to help you make running yours as efficient as possible.

How Can Merchant Services Help You?

Improve Your Cash Flow

Accepting credit card payments is an integral part of your business cycle.  It provides convenience to your customers by allowing them to pay you in the method they prefer.  And, it gives you the ability to get paid faster by ensuring timely deposits to your account!


Latest Technology

Because every business is different, we know you have different needs for your payment processing.  That’s why First South Bank is proud to offer you the latest in Clover® products and more traditional credit card terminals, as well as internet gateways.  Whichever method is best for you and your business, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest technology to keep you and your business relevant to your customers and their payment method of choice.

  • You can offer your customers security by knowing that you’re using products which provide the latest in identity theft protection, such as EMV® Chip Card capabilities.

  • We offer you security by not only providing you with the very latest in technology, but also keeping you updated on changes in industry standards and regulations.

  • Plus, it’s our pleasure to provide you with other tools and resources for protecting yourself and your customers located in our Financial Education Center for Business. 

Dedicated Team
  • At First South Bank, we have a team dedicated to Cash Management, including Merchant Services.  You can be sure that all of your questions will be answered prior to the installation of your payment processing solution.  Our team is knowledgeable not only in the products we have to offer, but in all the latest options and upgrades which can help you serve your customers better.

  • First South is proud to offer our merchant services through a partnership with First Data®.  First Data is a global technology and payment processing leader.   Not only do you have access to our dedicated team, but you also have access to the support team at First Data for questions and issues that may arise.

  • First South Bank Merchant Services: Courtney Cyrus at 252-940-4903.

Merchant Processing Systems Available


Clover is a cloud based point-of-sale, or POS, system that provides you just the right mix of hardware and software to meet your business needs.  First South offers a variety of Clover products.

  • Clover Station - By uniting a robust POS system with a printer, cash drawer, and tablet (screen size 11.6 inches), this system actually replaces the need for traditional payment processing hardware.

  • Clover Mini – This unit provides you the same capabilities of the Station, but in a smaller size for businesses with limited space.  The tablet size for Clover Mini is 7 inches.

  • Clover Mobile – Providing you the service you want with the convenience of a hand-held stand and mobile printer.  Mobile units can function in sync with a Station or can be used independently as your business requires. 

Clover is an Android application based product.  Your system will come pre-programmed with applications necessary to manage your equipment.  Other very useful apps are available to purchase for your systems.  We’re happy to make recommendations for you to consider.


  • The FD-130 is the traditional counter-top piece.  It allows you to accept all major credit cards, as well as process EMV chip cards.

  • Accessories, such as a pin pad, will allow you to also accept debit pin/signature transactions.

  • This traditional method will allow you to process the payments you want, while keeping your infrastructure costs low.  You will be provided with free paper (restrictions apply) for your machine, as well as insurance against damage to your terminal due to lightning strike.

Speak with one of our Business or Community Bankers today to find out how your business can benefit from merchant services.
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Separate your personal and business expenses with the use of one of our business credit cards by VISA.  


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