Leasing Products & Services

First South Leasing is dedicated to making leasing simple, flexible, affordable and fast so you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re a business acquiring capital equipment or a vendor in search of a productive partnership, we will work hard to put together a solid and practical leasing solution for your business.

Equipment Leasing

A great alternative to term loans for small businesses looking for short-term savings in machinery and equipment, without having to tie up cash or unnecessarily draw down an existing line. Leasing is especially practical for business equipment that becomes outdated before it is paid off.

Vendor Leasing

If you’re selling equipment, being able to offer financing options to your clients could provide you a powerful, competitive edge. By offering the First South Leasing program to your clients, you will not only increase your own business, you will save you and your customers time and money!

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First South Leasing, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First South Bank.

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