Why Lease?

Many customers wonder why they should consider leasing. The answer is simple – leasing provides you access to a wide range of financing options and benefits beyond a traditional loan. The efficient use of equipment is essential in the success of a business, and equipment leasing allows the business to simply pay for that use. By partnering with First South Leasing, you can acquire the equipment that your business needs, maintain capital and cash flow, and often enjoy tax benefits in doing so. This enables you to be more flexible, competitive and profitable.

Whether you’re in need of office computers and desks, a work vehicle, or large scale medical or farm machinery, leasing may be the most viable option for you! As with our commercial loans, First South Leasing offers tailored solutions by experienced Leasing Consultants and quick, local decisions.

Benefits of Leasing:
  • Provides for 100% deductibility of costs

  • Frees working capital for other uses, such as expansion, improvements or marketing

  • Offers fixed payments which allows you to better budget and plan for business cycle fluctuations

  • Leaves bank credit lines open for other uses

  • Usually lower after-tax cost than purchasing

  • The equipment financier can be a valued consultant regarding life cycle asset management solutions

  • Allows lessee use of current technology and avoid the risks of obsolescence.

  • Minimal cost or investment upfront

  • 100% financing at a fixed rate

Each member of the First South Leasing team has the experience to craft the right leasing solution to meet the equipment needs of your business. Speak to a First South Leasing Representative to find out if leasing is right for you.

Speak with a representative in your area that can help you find the best leasing solution for your business.
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