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First Time Home Buyers

There are many benefits of home ownership such as the ability to remodel, have your own backyard, and a nicer environment. Along with these freedoms are also some financial benefits.

  • Interest Deductions
    You may be able to deduct the interest on your home loan, as well as the federal (and sometimes, state) real estate taxes you pay annually. Be sure to consult your tax advisor. Because of this tax advantage, it may actually be cheaper to own than rent.
  • Equity
    If the value of your property increases as you pay down your mortgage, you build equity that can be used to finance other major purchases, or as a down payment on a future home.
  • Protection Against Inflation
    Home ownership could help you counteract rising inflation. Although past performance cannot guarantee future trends, real estate has historically appreciated at a higher rate than inflation in most regions.
  • We offer programs with no down payment and no closing cost for first time home buyers.

What You Need to Know
Contact a Mortgage Loan Officer to go over any questions you may have or call our Mortgage Call Center at 1-888-993-8754.

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