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Benefits of Leasing

People choose to lease for a wide range of reasons. Thanks to its flexibility, leasing can help meet a variety of goals businesses might have. Below are some of the more popular reasons cited for choosing leasing to support their equipment acquisition choice.

Lease almost any kind of equipment
Machine tools, construction equipment, copiers, computers, medical/dental equipment. From single items to an entire office or plant. All are available through our leasing programs.

Stay on the Edge, Avoid Obsolescence
With today’s rapidly moving technology, some equipment can become obsolete relatively quickly. Leasing frequently enables you to acquire the new equipment you need without having to keep costly equipment working years beyond its profitable time.

Project costs more accurately
You have known payments over a specified period. There are no depreciation figures to be questioned, no varying interest costs to be estimated. Leasing helps take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Pay as the cash flows
Is your business seasonal, your business cycle predictable? Why not pay for that new equipment when it is paying for itself. Leasing is flexible: customized lease payment schedules.

Fixed rate lease payments

No variable interest rates here. Fixed payments enable a lessee to more accurately predict equipment costs and cash needs.

Capital Conservation
If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it. Leasing provides an alternate source of credit and financing more suited for depreciating technology assets.

Overcome Budget Limitations
Your budget allows the purchase of only what you absolutely require, not what your really need.

Conserve Credit Lines
With leasing, you can get the equipment you need now without disturbing your present bank credit lines. Preserving your bank lines for other possible uses means the same thing to you as expanding available credit.

You gain possible tax advantages
Lease payments are often treated as fully deductible expenses. This may mean a more rapid write off to you. Because the lease term is generally shorter than the depreciable life, payments can be expensed in a shorter duration.

Competitive Advantage
Leasing can help grow your business.

Virtually 100% Financing
Practically any other financing demands a substantial down payment, deposit or compensating bank balance. By leasing you can quickly acquire use of the equipment you want without major cash outlay.

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