Building a Home

You’ve decided that you’d rather build your dream home than purchase an existing one! The process of building a home is a unique one, and at First South Bank, we’re here to walk you through that process every step of the way.

Steps Involved in Building a Home:

Being familiar with the process of building a home and how to go about getting financing can help alleviate alot of the stress while building your dream home!

  • Pre-Qualify -- By knowing how much house you can afford, you'll avoid choosing a house plan that doesn't fit your budget!
  • Choose a Lot & a House Plan -- Finding a home for your home, and choosing your plan is the fun part.  Let the dreams begin!
  • Finding a Contractor -- Finding the right contractor helps determine the quality of work, the time line of the project and the emotional/financial stress your have to deal with!  Choosing a good contractor is key.
  • Apply for Your Loan -- Since you've already pre-qualified, you and your loan officer have discussed the special steps involved in obtaining financing for home construction.
  • Closing -- Sign your paperwork and move in!  

To help you avoid the costs and hassle associated with two closings – one for the construction of your home and one for the permanent financing of your home – we offer construction-to-permanent loans. We handle inspections and draws for you, so that you can focus on the really important decisions – like flooring and light fixtures!  This convenient and cost-saving option is just another way we put you first.

To learn more about financing options through First South, visit your local branch, contact a mortgage lender in your area, or send the mortgage team a message and they'll reach out to you directly.  You can also schedule a meeting online to discuss your options!

Our Mortgage Loan Officers are ready to help you make your dream home a reality.




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