Conventional Loans

A conventional fixed-rate mortgage loan is the “traditional” choice and is still the most popular because it offers stability and predictable monthly payments which allows you to set your budget and stick to it.

A longer term, such as 30 years, provides you with the opportunity for a larger loan amount, with lower monthly payments. Small extra payments toward your principal can lessen the life of your loan without pinching your wallet!

With a shorter term, typically a 15-year term, you will have higher monthly payments, and you may qualify for a smaller loan amount. However, with the shorter term loan you’ll save on interest costs over the life of the loan and build your equity faster.

Choose a fixed-rate loan if you:
  • Like the current rate and want to keep it for the life of your loan

  • Plan to stay in your house for a long time

  • Prefer fixed payments with no surprises

  • Are on a fixed income

What You Need to Know:

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