Checklist for Buying a House

One of the most commonly asked questions by potential homeowners when buying a house is: What should I be prepared to provide to my mortgage loan officer during the application process?

For your convenience, you can use the list below as checklist.

Personal Information
  • Name, social security number, and date of birth

  • Present address and telephone number

  • List of places you’ve resided at within the last 2 years

  • Name and address of your present mortgage company or landlord

  • Amount of monthly mortgage or rent payment

  • Previous two years’ W-2 forms

  • Last two years of signed Federal Tax Returns and all schedules

  • Pay stub from the last 30 days

  • Most recent two months’ bank statements, all pages (to include checking, savings, stock, retirement, etc.)

  • Copy of valid picture identification

Employment Information
  • Name, address, and telephone number of employer or employers for the last 2 years and your position or title

  • Length of employment

  • Salary, commission, bonuses, and overtime pay

Self Employment Information
  • Last two years of signed business Federal Tax Returns and all schedules

Other Information
  • Source of other income, such as retirement or rental income

  • Name, address, account number, monthly payment, and present balance for installment loans or credit cards

  • Name and address of attorney handling your home purchase

  • Check for credit report fee

  • Copy of contract, if you are purchasing a home

  • Copy of settlement statement from sale of previous home if sold within the past 12 months

Information for Refinancing

Above information, as well as:

  • Copy of your deed (if your mortgage is not currently with First South Bank)

  • Copy of your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy (if your mortgage is not currently with First South Bank)

Information for Construction

Above information, as well as:

  • Copy of your deed to lot or offer to purchase on lot you intend to purchase

  • Complete set of plans and specifications

  • Signed construction contract

  • Survey of lot, if available

  • Builder information

To learn more about financing options through First South, visit your local branch, contact a mortgage lender in your area, or send our mortgage team a message and they'll reach out to you directly.

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