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What is a Strong Password?

While experts differ on their opinion of a strong password, if you stick to these rules, your password will be considered strong. There are six main characteristics of a strong password:


  1. Upper case letters
  2. Lower case letters
  3. Special characters allowed are:   &, +, _, %, @, !, $, *, ^
  4. Numbers
  5. No dictionary words
  6. At least 8 characters long

Using dictionary words will have your password cracked in less than 2 minutes with most free password cracking software(s)!

Our minimum password length is 8 characters.



  1. Use your online banking password for other personal sites such as Facebook, etc.
  2. Write your password down and leave unprotected.
  3. Use your name in your password.
  4. Use seasons, pet’s names, months, relative’s names, etc.
  5. Share your password with anyone. If you suspect someone knows your password, change it!

Strong passwords will help you protect your personal information.

Tips for Managing and Keeping your Password Secure

 Change your Password Frequently.

  1. Do not reuse passwords.
  2. Select hard to guess passwords.
  3. Use anti-virus protection software.
  4. Check your account frequently.
  5. Never leave your computer unattended once you have signed in to online banking.
  6. After completing your transaction, sign out of online banking.
  7. Do not use a public access computer, such as an Internet Café or library to access your online banking.

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