Wire Transfer

Sometimes you need to send money somewhere FAST!  That's why we offer our customers the option of a wire transfer.  When it comes to speed and safety, a bank wire transfer is often your best choice.


Initiating a Wire Transfer

To initiate a wire transfer from your personal account, you will need to visit your local branch.  

Business customers utilizing the eBusiness Manager solution can initiate their wire transfers through this service.  All other business account holders will need to visit their local branch to initiate the transfer.

**Wire transfer fees apply.  Speak to your local banker regarding fees.


Benefits of Wire Transfers

  • Same day funds availability from domestic wire transfers
  • Wire transfers are more secure than sending checks for large sums of money
  • Multiple initiation options -- online for businesses or in the branch
  • Same day verification

Wire Transfer Safety

Funds involved in a wire transfer generally go from one bank to another, and then to the recipient's account.  Inside the United States, each party involved with a wire transfer is required to have a bank account helping reduce fraud.

That being said, wire transfer scams are not unheard of and customers should practice caution in certain situations.

    • Do not wire money to people you don't know.  Often scams include someone with a convincing story needing immediate access to money.
    • Be careful when making purchases from online sites such as Craig's List.  If the seller is pressing you to make a hasty decision and send money fast, you're probably dealing with a fraudster.
    • Never ever give your bank account or credit card number to someone in response to an advertisement, text or email regardless of the promise of money.

              Learn More Safety Tips 

    To initiate a wire transfer or learn about fees, speak with your local personal banker.


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